Mapping and Listing Exercise Trails to Completion

After the successful recruitment and training of the Map Data Collectors for Central, Northern, Muchinga and Southern provinces, the mapping and listing exercise is in its concluding stage.

The main purpose of the mapping and listing exercise is to demarcate or to subdivide the country into small manageable portions called Enumeration Areas. This guarantees that all parts of the country are covered and everyone is efficiently counted during the census. The mapping is also done by capturing all infrastructure such as housing units including vacant ones, all non-residential buildings, buildings under construction, schools, health facilities and municipal water systems. Others are wastewater treatment facilities, public transit stations, warehouses and boreholes to enable data collectors find it easy to enumerate during the census.

During the Mapping and Listing exercise the Map Data Collectors (MDCs) move from one building to another and from one house to another to carry out interviews and collect Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates.

Map Data Collector in central province collecting GPS coordinates

Zamstats representatives on spot checks in Chibombo district