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The Census Manager, Mr. Frank Kakungu gave a presentation on the stages of the 2020 census undertaking. He said preparations that involves Map updating, Questionnaire adaption, User Consultation, Pre-Tests, National Pilot for the census will take 36 months.

The Mapping Field work that includes Geo-tagging of Building & National infrastructure and Validation of demarcation will be carried out in 12 months. The data collection exercise to enumerate people and Households by 31,000 Enumerators will take place in the period of 2 weeks. Mr. Kakungu stated that data processing, production of the Summary Report will take 2 months and that the data analysis and production of outputs for dissemination will be done in 12 months.

16th August 2020: Counting Starts!

The 2020 Census calendar of key activities presented by the Census Manager highlighted the 2020 Census Day milestone as 16th August 2020. Milestones that have been achieved include; Cabinet Memorandum to conduct the 2020 Census which was approved in October 2017 and the establishment of the Census Committees in August 2018. Yet to be undertaken is the Mapping Fieldwork scheduled for about a year, January to December 2019 and the National Pilot will take place in August 2019. Analysis and Report Writing will take place in October 2020 to October 2021 which will be followed by dissemination of the 2020 Census Reports in the period of November 2020 to December 2021. Click here to download the Census timeline.


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