Frequently Asked Questions

11. How will the information collected be treated? The information that you will provide to the census personnel will be treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with the Statistics Act, CAP 127. According to the Act, anybody working with the Central Statistical Office who discloses personal details of a respondent is liable to prosecution. Everyone who will be expected to have access to respondents personal details during the census, will take an oath of secrecy to ensure that they protect the privacy/confidentiality of those who provided the information.

12. In which languages are the questionnaires available? The questionnaires will be in English. The enumerators will also be able to speak in the local dialects since they will be recruited from the localities they reside in.

13. How long does it take to fill in the questionnaire? The time taken in a household will depend on the number of persons who will be present in the household on the census night. However, on average, it will take between .... minutes to complete enumeration of a household.

14. Do I need to show any documents to the enumerator?  The enumerator will take down all particulars as given by you. In case you are not sure of some information (e.g. age) you may check your documents to confirm and provide accurate information.

15. What questions will be asked? The census questionnaire that contains questions to be asked during the 2020 Census is available on the ZAMSTATS website at under the 2020 Census tab or can be accessed directly for the Census page at

16. Why do you ask questions about the household assets I have in my house? The information collected gives the status of well-being for the household, and is used to generate economic and social indicators.

17. Will the general public access the results?  The general public will be able to access the census results once they have been disseminated. The census results will also be available to the public through the ZAMSTATS website and publications (inform of preliminary results, basic reports, detailed reports, maps etc.).

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