Frequently Asked Questions

6. What is new about 2020 Census? The 2020 Census will be administered using Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) technique. A tablet will be used to capture the information directly for better accuracy and faster processing of the data. The CSO has adhered to international guidelines which advocate for the values of professionalism, transparency, accountability and integrity required of statistical systems in maintaining credibility and public confidence.

7. Why do I have to participate in Census 2020? Census data is used for planning purposes. If you do not participate, the data collected will not be a true reflection of the Zambian population. The Government as well as private sector needs accurate information for effective planning and policy formulation.

8. How do I know that the person at my door is from the Census Office? The Central Statistical Office will be identified as follows: a) A branded reflector Jacket/ T-Shirt Branded with a 2020 Census logo b) Identification documents provided by the Central Statistical Office, i.e. An Introductory letter or an identity (I.D.) Card. c) The enumerators will be accompanied by village elders or persons known by the residents who will introduce them to the household.

9. How will you make sure I am counted? The Central Statistical Office conducted a pilot mapping exercise in Chongwe and Lusaka Districts in January and February, 2019. A roll-out of the Mapping exercise will commence in April 2019 and end in ... This will be used to create Enumeration Areas (EAs), each with its map for all villages in the entire country. Each enumerator will be assigned an EA with clear boundaries to guide him/her to ensure total coverage, with no omission or duplication. After your household has been visited a number will be written at a sticker place in your household such as the top corner of the door to indicate that counting has taken place in the household.

10. Whom do I contact in case my household is not covered?  In case your household will not have been contacted by 31 August, a toll free number will be provided for you to contact the Central Statistical Office to send an enumerator to enumerate your household.

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