Inclusive Service Delivery

  1. Stakeholder involvement in content determination of census and survey questionnaire
  2. Involvement of local community to participate in data collection
  3. Provision of highly disaggregated data such as by Sex, Age, Disability status
  4. Use of various forms of data dissemination to increase data access


  1. Use of cost effective methods of data collection through the use of ICT.
  • Per capital cost of data collection has reduced from US 4.8 to US 3.4 a per capital cost of the 2020 census has reduced from $3.4 compared to $4.8 for the 2010 Census
  1. Census results to be provided in near real time
  2. Increased Efficiency of data collection and quality of data
  3. Increased access to data
  4. Recruitment of census field staff through use of ICT
  5. Challenges emanating from use of ICT:

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