The theme for this year’s commemorations was “The intersection of Youth Empowerment and Migration, Entrenching a Culture of Good Governance, ICT and Innovation for Inclusive Service Delivery”.

The interpretation of the theme by Census was dismantled as follows;

Youth Empowerment and Migration

As Zambia will be conducting the 2020 Census, and CSO being mandated to be the department that coordinates the statistics will for the first time conduct the Census using mobile technology

The census results will provide the following information on the youths:

  1. How many they are
  2. Where they are
  3. Who they are
  • The census will also provide employment to the youths

Entrenching Culture of Good Governance

  • Provision of evidence based data for:
  1.  Planning and decision making
  2.  Policy formulation
  3. Evaluation of policies

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