2020 Census Questionnaire Content Consultations

Meanwhile, the Central Statistical Office is conducting the Questionnaire Content Consultative stakeholders meetings in order to provide a platform where different institutions from the private and public sectors, civil society organizations, cooperating partners, higher learning institutions among others, to present their views on the 2020 census questionnaire content. >>Click here to download the schedule.

The 2020 Census Questionnaire Content Consultative Process with Stakeholders was launched by the Ministry of National Development Planning, Permanent Secretary (Development Planning and Administration) Mr. Chola Chabala, on 23rd May 2019 in Lusaka. 25 | Page The Permanent Secretary underscored the main goal of the 2020 Census Questionnaire Content Consultative Process as to consult data users and stakeholders across Zambia for views on the type and extent of socio-economic information they believe the census should provide.

"This consultation is the first step towards understanding what is needed from the 2020 Census of Population and Housing. We will actively engage with you on all aspects of the 2020 Census content and pretesting mechanisms throughout the design phases until the final publication of the census questionnaire in the Government gazette. A final consultation will be held to present a report on findings of submissions for various data needs before the census day" he told the meeting".

He further said, as part of the process, CSO will be reviewing the current content of the questionnaire to be sure it reflects the desired contents and that it meets the aspirations (fit for purpose) of users and stakeholders.

The Permanent Secretary, emphasized that anyone can take part in this public consultation, and the Central Statistical Office is encouraging people to respond online on their current proposals concerning the 2020 census questionnaire content. 


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