CSO closes consultative process for the 2020 Census Questionnaire content

The Central Statistical Office CSO has ended the four week consultative process in which stakeholders were giving their views on the contents of the 2020 questionnaire in readiness for the exercise next year.

The consultations which started on Monday 27th May 2019 closed on June 26, 2019 and stakeholders were consulted on the topics and questions that the 2020 Census questionnaire might include.

As part of the process, the Central Statistical Office (CSO) reviewed the current content of the questionnaire to ensure it reflects the desired contents and that it meets the aspirations of users and stakeholders.

The objective of the consultation was to engage data users and stakeholders across the country on their views on the type and extent of socio-economic information they believe the census should provide. CSO also intends to meet the interests of diverse data users.

The department received overwhelming response from stakeholders who turned up in large numbers and gave their views.


The department will seek to consider views from all users. However, it should be noted that delivering the 2020 census questionnaire which meets the full expectations of such a large and wide user community will not be practical or financially viable. CSO will therefore, seek to deliver a questionnaire that meets the majority of user needs, whilst working with various stakeholders to ensure the design of the questionnaire meets the needs of small population groups.

CSO will also use the existing census advisory groups i.e. the Census Steering Committee which reports to the National Development Coordinating Committee, the Technical Advisory Committee and various technical working groups to update stakeholders on the progress and invite feedback on the plans.


Government wants to determine the information that users want and need from the 2020 census, and which data will in future be needed for policy, business, and administrative purposes within the public and private sectors

In this regard, the consultation is the first step towards understanding what is needed from the 2020 Census of Population and Housing.

In the last four weeks, CSO actively engaged stakeholders on all aspects of the 2020 Census content and pretesting mechanisms throughout the design phases.

The users’ feedback will institute further research, development of questions, pre-testing and other activities.

Furthermore, a final consultation will be held in due course to present a report on findings of submissions for various data needs before the Census day in August 2020. The final publication of the census questionnaire will be made available in the government gazette.